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We hold nationwide live and online auction events in partnership with Zoopla and over 2,500 estate agents.

It’s the most comprehensive range of property auction services in the UK and Ireland for buyers and sellers.

Our partnership with Zoopla means all the properties you see here are also listed on Zoopla’s website.

There are two different ways of selling properties at auction:

1. The traditional method

2. The modern method

Each method can take place as either a live (in-person) auction or an online auction. The method refers to the way it’s sold, and the format refers to the type of event: live or online.


The Traditional Method of Auction

The traditional method of auction is a tried and tested technique. The property “stock” on offer usually needs to exchange and complete within a restrictive timeframe.

It can therefore limit buyers because the exchange of contracts usually takes place as soon as a buyer has won a bid. As a buyer, you need to be cash-ready.


The Modern Method of Auction

The modern method of auction is a more accessible route. It creates a transparent platform for buyers and sellers, combining the best aspects of traditional auction and private treaty sales.

Unlike the traditional method, the successful bidder has 56 days to complete.

The modern method of auction opens up the auction market (once reserved for professional investors or cash-ready buyers) to residential buyers. This is because the longer completion period allows time for the buyer to arrange and pay with a mortgage. This creates a larger market place and more interest and activity than traditional auctions.

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Local Properties

Starting Bid and Reserve Price

*Please note this property is subject to an undisclosed reserve price which is generally no more than 10% in excess of the starting bid, both the starting bid and reserve price can be subject to change. Terms and conditions apply to the auction, which is powered by IAM Sold.